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ENGLISH TRANSLATION: (from) The Revue of Home Theater Sound - "That is beautiful to hear".. It was under this slogan that presents itself evocatively a young company called Bouldeson. As its name clearly indicates, this is the spherical shape that caught the attention of designer Matthieu Couturier. In some ways, these are reminiscent the Grundigs of the 70s. The emphasis is placed on the custom-made (finish, appearance, sculpture) but the small two-way pictured already offers a real potential in terms of fusion and liveliness. Another feature of the brand, the manufacture of boxes, always spherical, but translucent, allowing light to shine from within, creating, in addition to an acoustic function, a light source of very friendly atmosphere and color of your choice.



Bouldeson, the Spherical Hi-Fi Custom Enclosure

In the field of acoustics, having the balls is not necessarily a rude thing. On the contrary a ball, or rather a sphere, may have interesting features such as a volume of load. Several manufacturers, Elipson to name one, hs already used a version of this idea. It is also the form that attracted Matthieu Couturier, young French designer of Hi-Fi speakers.

Based in Toulouse, Matthieu Couturier offers under the brand Bouldeson brand, acoustic enclosures made the artisanal way and using boxes of spherical shape. Its flagship product is a two-way model, equipped with top quality Scan-Speak components. His 16.5 cm boomer is mounted in a spherical enclosure of composite walls reaching 3 cm thick and measuring 36 cm in diameter. Filtering uses a technique developed by Kimber Kable. Its weighs in at 18 kg and covers a bandwidth of 40 Hz to 20 kHz with a sensitivity of 87 dB for 1 W / 1 m.

In order to constitute a set for 2.1 Home Theater, Matthieu Couturier also offers a surround speaker (700 a pair) and a subwoofer (600 or 700 passive version and active version), both of spherical shape . The subwoofer has the distinction of being made of a translucent material, allowing the light to flood the interior in a color chosen by the user to create a fun light effects. Various finishes are also on the program as is the opportunity to request a full custom implementation.