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Matthieu's passion for sound technology began when he was a boy growing up in the French countryside

Endless days pulling apart old boom boxes, speaker cabinets and radios fueled Matthieu's quest for the perfect sound.

In Matthieu's own words: I love music... the ability of listening to a piece of art at home and experiencing it through feelings is a blessing for me.

As a kid, the fact that some vibrating material could produce a sound was fascinating me. Today, I design and build speakers so that you and I can appreciate every single detail recorded and played.

My creations are ENTIRELY handmade out of plaster-mortar that provides a stone rendering and avoids vibrations of the cabinet; in other words the only thing you listen to is the driver itself.

The choice of sphere enclosure was obviously for the design but the main reason is because it has a real impact on the fidelity of the speaker. A sphere is mechanically almost perfect:

  • It does not vibrate which is supportive for mid and low frequencies with a lot of energy.
  • There is no diffraction on its surface and that concerns high frequencies that have a tendency to break on angles.

Each sphere has a minimum 25mm thickness (1") for the smallest and can reach 40mm for the biggest boxes, that is to give an idea of the solidity and weight of the speaker.

They are molded in one piece (instead of two half-spheres) with at least 10 layers of plaster and several steps of sanding, last one being water sanding which provides a soft and natural stone rendering.
There is an exception for the subwoofers with a colored light included where a translucent polymer sphere is used.

Concerning the electronic part or crossover, I use a special technique called di-aural, designed by kimberkable. It provides a good balance between the drivers( tweeter to woofer) and requires fewer parts, that contributes to reduce distortion.

I am of course available to be contacted by email, snail mail or phone. You are welcome to ask any question.

We can work together on the system of your dreams, designed on your specifications with passion and knowledge.

-Matthieu Couturier

For any question, an estimate, or a custom project, contact me:

 Matthieu Couturier
 41 rue jean gayral

 E-Mail: contact@bouldeson.com

 Phone Office: +33561132752
 Cell: +33662202802